Steel brandering has been designed as an alternative to timber brandering and offers the following advantages:  
  • Cost efficiency and minimum wastage
  • Guaranteed straightness of long sections
  • Ease of cutting 
  • Easy installation 
  • Increased durability  
  • Easy and quick levelling by means of suspension brackets
  • Reduced weight for transport
  • Suspension from timber trusses or joists
  • Varied lengths available 
Lengths 2.7m; 3m 3.6m & 4.2m  
Other accessories available:  
  • Joiners      
  • Suspension brackets      
Installation of steel brandering:
  • Steel brandering sections must be fixed at 90 degrees to the roof trusses.
  • The suspension bracket needs to be fixed to the Tie-Beam by either nail or screw at a maximum of 200mm centres and located into the steel brandering. 
  • The gypsum ceiling board should be fixed parallel to the roof trusses, with drywall screws spaced at maximum 150mm centres.
  • Steel brandering  can be used with 6.4mm gypsum ceiling boards and H-joint strips or it can be used with 9mm gypsum ceiling boards & Rhinolite ( Flush Plastered ceiling system).
  • It is advisable to fix galvanised steel brandering to ensure a solid base for cornice fixing.