"L" Shaped Bulkheads

The "L"  Shaped Bulkhead box is created against a wall, dropping down from the original ceiling height. It can be used to soften the flow between two rooms through different ceiling heights or for downlights to highlight features of an interior or decor features

"U" Shaped Bulkheads

The "U" Shaped Bulkhead is the perfect feature for dividing a room into 2 areas or to use in the middle of the room. It is ideal for drawing attention to a unique light or chandelier feature. The "U" shape is often used to mirror a central work unit in a kitchen or bar area. 

Double Step Bulkheads

The Double Step Bulkhead is built with two levels or steps. This design is perfect for giving a room a feeling of height. The double step is the perfect solution for hiding structural lintels and making it aesthetically pleasing to the eye.