gypsum ceiling board


6.4mm Square Edge Gypsum boards are used for residential ceiling applications and for curved walls and ceilings. They offer the rigidity and core strength, which makes them easy to handle and ensures clean cuts when trimmed for use.

Installation of 6.4mm gypsum ceiling boards will improve the thermal as well as sound insulation of a home at a relatively low cost, thus the boards contribute towards energy efficiency.

The facing side is also available in ivory coloured paper, which means that it requires less paint to achieve the same finished effect. It is available in lengths from 2.4m up to 4.2m in 300mm increments, 900mm as well as 1200mm widths, so wastage is substantially reduced.

GYPSUM BOARD - 9 / 9.5 mm

This product is used for residential as well as commercial ceiling applications. 9mm Tapered Edge gypsum boards can be used with either a steel brandering system or a screw-up galvanized grid system.  An extra smooth finish can be created by applying a layer of Rhinolite**.  Boards are available in various lengths from 2.400m up to 3.600m (300 mm increments), all 1.200m wide with tapered edges. The tapered edge board is usually used for tape & joint system.