National Building Regulations (NBR) SANS 10400XA

This Regulation “Energy usage in buildings” came into effect on 9 November 2011. All new buildings and extensions have to comply with the regulation. Building extensions, as per theNational Building Regulations (NBR) SANS 10400XA,  is required to have thermal insulation installed.

  • Fire Tested - SANS 428 (B/B1/2)  
  • 100% Eco- Friendly and is completely recyclable.
  • 100% people and nature-friendly. It comes in simple and safe, easy-to-install rolls. It is non-allergenic, non-irritant and flexible. No special health and safety precautions are required.
  • Nonabsorbent and will dry naturally regaining its resistance and density if exposed to water.
  • Maintenance free. It retains loft and does not degrade over time. 
  • Safe to use in both residential and commercial applications.
  • Nontoxic. It is completely odourless with no chemical additives.
  • Not highly likely to spread flames of a fire once the heat source is removed.

R-VALUE: All materials are rated for their performance. The R- VALUE, which is the measurement of the material's resistance to heat transfer, is alternatively known as the insulation effect. 

Fabufill sizes / R-value:  
10m x 1.2m x 40mm  (R-value: 0.94)
10m x 1.2m x 50mm (R-value: 1.15)
8m x 1.2m x 75mm (R-value: 1.69)
6m x 1.2m x 100mm (R-value: 2.20)

Fabufill is fully SAB compliant (MARK 9486/15037), has been fire tested (428) and is a proud member of TIASA (Thermal Institution Association of South Africa).